Cancer Can't helps people fighting cancer in the Inland Northwest by improving their daily lives and circumstances. Their work has included improving hospital oncology rooms to promote patient healing and well-being and the creation of the "Cancer Can't Charitable Pharmacy Act."  This allows patients or their families to donate unused medications back to participating Washington pharmacies for use by other patients in need of these costly meds who can't otherwise afford them.

Trail Maniacs supports a variety of trail riding, mountain biking, and hiking activities, including a State Park trail run series in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. We will be filming Brad's runs at four of those races, including the culminating 50k at Riverside State Park on September 9, 2017.

Co-owner Dave Dutro is also serving as Brad's personal trainer to make sure he makes it to the 50k finish line healthy and happy.


Bob and Marianne Thiessen

Dave Schaub

Teresa and Stefan Baerg

Jim Karr

Natasha Sharman

Jamie Redman

If your organization is interested having me speak about topics related to my journey such as goal-setting, life after cancer, advocacy for cancer survivors, or the importance of being active outdoors and connected with others, please use the contact form below of call me at 509.869.3042.

Proof of Life

A film about an 8-month run toward hope.