November 3 Proof of Life Film Launch

Proof of Life film trailer

Proof of Life 60-second trailer

NEWS: The full 20-minute film Proof of Life will play at the three-day Trail Running Film Festival in Seattle Nov 30-Dec 2.

The 5-minute short film Proof of Life: Pacing was accepted as one of ten films on the 40-city Trail Running Film Festival tour 2019.


After a year of trail running and filming and another year of editing, the 20-minute Proof of Life documentary is complete! Please join me November 3 at 7:00 pm at the Millwood Community Center, 8863 E. Euclid, in Spokane Valley... just ten minutes from downtown a couple of blocks off Argonne. It will be an evening of stories—my own and others—that I hope will be both impactful and inspiring. The event is suggested for ages youth and older.

The film, created by award-winning Spokane filmmaker Adam Harum, follows my journey during 2017 as I pursued emotional and physical recovery from my third cancer, a statistically-terminal brain tumor. Learn more about it on the film site home page.

You can reserve tickets online.

If you have any questions, use the contact form below or call me at 509.869.3042.

I look forward to seeing you there. Bring a friend!

- Brad

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Proof of Life

A film about an 8-month run toward hope.