Proof of Life

A documentary film about three-time cancer survivor Brad Thiessen

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21 minutes

Proof of Life is now showing on the Film Festival circuit and picking up awards, including Best Health Film at the Las Vegas Running Film Festival and Best of Northwest at the Spokane International Film Festival. It has been accepted into a number of film additional film festivals including the Seattle Trail Running Film Festival.

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Watch Proof of Life: Pacing

5 minutes

Proof of Life: Pacing is a 5-minute side project of Proof of Life that tells a single story not shown in the larger film. It was chosen as 1 of 10 films for the traveling Trail Running Film Festival that visited over 40 cities in 2018-19. It's available to view on the OutLive home page via the button above.

This side project of the Proof of Life documentary tells an expanded episode from the film, about the need to count on each other at various points in our lives. As such, it is highly suitable for public presentation. ​If you would like to use the video in a public setting or book Brad for a speaking engagement, please contact us using the form below.


In June 2015, two days before I was to enter my first 50k trail run, I instead found myself being wheeled into the operating room to have a brain tumor removed. What was supposed to be a six-week recovery turned into an 18-month study in how things can go sideways.

The 22-minute documentary “Proof of Life” tells the story of my journey back to health, starting from the end of chemo treatments in December 2016 and leading to a 50k trail run in September 2017.

It explores the joys and challenges of training and running on trails in and around the hills, rivers and mountains of eastern Washington and neighboring Idaho.

The viewer shares in my journey as I explore the link between nature, fitness, friendship and tackling a challenging goal in the pursuit of a meaningful life -- and what it means to know the cancer will return someday and is statistically terminal.

The film also delves deeper into life with cancer. It’s not just about surgery, radiation and chemo. It’s about health complications, family issues, work issues, self-esteem, and finding the answer to the “now what” of the rest of your life once treatment is completed.

The Proof of Life film was completed in September 2018.


The film will be submitted to Trail Running, Outdoors, Inspirational, and Documentary film festivals, distributed through sponsor websites, and used as a community resource with cancer patients/survivors, sports groups, at-risk youth, etc. It will also be released via on-line video  sites by subscription, and for free once film festival viewing is completed.

The film will be used to inspire those in cancer treatment or coming out of it, and as an engagement tool for the forthcoming OutLive! project. OutLive! will help those in cancer treatment or coming out of it to get active outdoors and connected to others.


Writer/Director Adam Harum of Kinetic Energy Productions is the director and filmmaking creative force behind Proof of Life. His work in documentary and commercial filmmaking has taken him across the globe and brought in a daytime Emmy and an Addy award. He received Best of the NW and Audience Award at the 2017 Spokane International Film Festival, as well as Best Director and Best Editor at the Portland Independent Film Festival.

In addition to his own work over the years, Adam has been fortunate to collaborate on projects with The Clinton Foundation, Sean Penn’s Haitian Relief camp JP/HRO, and Grammy Award Winning band Arcade Fire.



For more information about inviting Brad to speak about various topics related to his journey, or to discuss use of the film, please use the contact form below or call 509.869.3042.

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Brad Thiessen

Proof of Life

A film about an 8-month run toward hope.